Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amer Picon

It just so happens I'm about as dorky about movies as I am about cocktails. Tonight, I assembled the pieces of homemade Amer Picon as per M. Boudreau's recipe. I would like to thank Jamie for building in a math lesson and I hope "3 bottles Amaro Ramazzotti" is meant to be 3 of the 750ml, or 3/4 liter, or 25.36 oz, or 3.17 cup sized bottles. Grrrr.

After mixing the ingredients and stowing them away for another week, I popped Trouble in Paradise in the DVD player on Roger Ebert's recommendation. It just so happens that, if you watch closely, there is an Amer Picon factory visible for about 3 seconds during the Colet & Co. Perfume advertisement. Want to see it? Go to 18:24 as the man sings "Every nose in Paris knows," and you can see for yourself. So a product common enough to make it into a throw-away-shot in an Ernst Lubitsch film from 1932 is only available in this country if we make it from an Italian amaro, an American syrup, and a homemade tincture. How times have changed. Happy drinking!

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